Sponsor Space Apps Reno

Sponsorship Packages

  • Planetary
    • $150 contribution or in-kind donation
  • Galactic
    • $300 contribution or in-kind donation
  • Universe
    • $500+ contribution or in-kind donation

The sponsor package includes:

  • Planetary, Galactic, Universe:
    • Featured on the Sponsor Spotlight section at: http://spaceappsreno.org
    • Company logo on marketing and advertising collateral
    • Listed as a sponsor on the official NASA site
  • Galactic, Universe:
    • Logo on swag given to participants
  • Universe
    • Announced as a sponsor for a meal and caffeine for the sleep deprived hackers

Space Apps Reno is organized by the STEAM Initiative, a 501(3)(c) non-profit. Your donation may be tax deductible to extend allowed by the IRS.

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