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The City recently launched a new Community Engagement Program. So what exactly is community engagement? Community engagement is the act of you and your neighbors constructively sharing ideas and valuable feedback about our community. Community engagement is a vital part of the democratic process and is essential to evolving our community.

We want to know what you #thinkreno can be to help us create a new vision for our city. You can share your ideas by attending a community forum, starting a discussion at, or staying informed and engaged through our social media channels.

Be the change you want to see in the #biggestlittlecity and start engaging across the following platforms:

Community Forums

These are quarterly meetings in each Ward with your Councilmember. There will be some updates on City services like Public Safety and Code Enforcement, some talk about City and neighborhood projects and a chance to help guide the long-term vision for our City. Visit to participate in ongoing conversations about the future of our neighborhoods and community.

Space Apps Reno is part of the global hackathon that is organized by NASA as part of the International Space Apps Challenge. In April 2014 the City of Reno will once again participate in this event as one of 80+ host cities from around the planet. Help NASA solve some it’s most intriguing earth and space technology challenges ranging from big data analysis to hacking on the Internet of Things. Also, we welcome any contributions from local businesses and agencies to help sponsor the individuals who will participate in this weekend long event.  The event will be held on April 12-13, 2014. Sign-up for this event here

Think Reno Idea Portal

This is your online forum to post big ideas, engage with other citizens about their ideas and provide your feedback on forums relating to City issues and initiatives.

Social Media

Social media is one of the quickest ways to learn the latest news and share your thoughts on community issues. Be sure to Follow us on TwitterPinterest and Instagram, Like us on Facebook and add us to your G+circles. Also, check out Reno’s most popular hashtags #biggestlittlecity and #thinkreno.

Hot Topic Meetings

These will be scheduled on an as needed when there’s a time-sensitive issue to talk about. Hot Topic Meeting dates will be posted on Reno.Gov. Sign-up for our Reno Connect newsletter to receive instant updates.

City of Reno Mobile App

Our Reno Direct call center is great, but there are times when you just can’t pick up a phone to make a call, or you want to include a picture with your request. We have a new City of Reno smartphone app that lets you report an issue and send a photo on the fly. It’s a free app you can download at the iTunes or Googleonline app stores.

Reno Citizens Institute

This is a free, annual program that lasts for eight weeks. You’ll learn all about city government and the services we provide. You’ll meet department leaders, visit City facilities like fire stations, the Regional Emergency Operations Center and the Public Works Corporation Yard. You may even get to meet one of our hard working four legged officers.

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